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The story


At the beginning of the (800) the Corbinelli cousins established the House and the Cellar on their land and started to produce wine.

L’Azienda Agricola Corbinelli was founded.

Over the year the property and land has grown to it’s present size of 20 hectares of which a small plot of half a hectare planted with olive groves.

The vineyards can be found in the Community of Certaldo and Montespertoli, in a typical area for Chianti production in lovely rolling hills approximately between 200 and 300 mtrs high.The passion for wine growing has passed down through the generations and is now under the ownership of Claudio Corbinelli, who several years ago, took over the already successful business from his father. He has followed his father’s intuition from the start and feels privileged to have reduced the return per hectare in favor of producing high quality wines.

The Tuscan countryside is a particularly natural environment for wine growing and gives our wine the typical characteristics and unique pure taste of these award-winning lands.


The current owner Claudio Corbinelli who continues the family tradition with passion and innovation. Many new projects: vineyard renewal, vineyard extension and construction of a new cellar. The company dynamism allows to create products on demand and market requests, to formulate customized brands, labels and packaging.

In addition, the company also has a cellar used only for bottling which allows the company to respond promptly to the market.

The Palazzo Pretorio or dei Vicari is located in Certaldo Alto, in the province of Florence. This is the most important building in the medieval town, as well as one of the symbols of Certaldo.

The coats of arms in glazed terracotta, marble, pietra serena that dot the façade represent its peculiarity, made affixed by the various Vicars who lived in the palace from the 15th to the 18th century, they bear the Vicar's arms and an inscription with the dates in which he held the office.

Among the coats of arms also that of the Corbinelli family.




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